CONARE Journey

Year: 1999

The organization just started journey towards creating educational opportunities for the children of poor and deprived communities in 10 rural villages by establishing Education Centres for Children of working and school dropout children. Over a period of one-year CONARE has mobilized more than 300 working and school dropout children into its centre and further mainstreamed 80% of the children in various government schools and hostels. The initiatives initially supported by PRAKRITI and MV Foundation.

Year: 2000

Learning from the initial interventions the organization has progressively moved towards establishment of Residential Bridge Course Centres for the Children with the support of National Child Labour Project and District Administration. The centre has motivated many parents to enrol in this centre rather than sending to agricultural fields to work as labours.

Year: 2001

In the year 3 from its inception the organization has been recognized as one of the best organization in protecting and promoting the rights of the children and the then Revenue Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, has allocated one acre of land and support for construction of “Bala Bhavan” to run Residential Bridge Centre exclusively for the girl children to the organization at Gopal Rao Nagar Tanda approx. 5 kms from Achampet Mandal Headquarters. Further MV Foundation comes forward to support CONARE in mobilization, health and nutritional care activities for the children and women.

Year: 2002

In continuation to the existing programmes of Residential Bridge Centre, elimination of child labour and Health care initiatives. The organization has initiated working with the Panchyati Raj Institutions to support overall development of the villages and has taken up sustainable agriculture development for the parents involved in sending their children to labour work. This has created good impact on lives of the children who are pushed towards labour due to poverty, lack of opportunities, and lack of skills for their adult family members.

Year: 2003

The same activities have been continued and new ideas towards creating socio-economic sustainability among the poor parents and migrant workers to avoid children’s migration and child labour has been broadly thought and planned.

Year: 2004

The efforts of the organization yielded good results as Uppunuthala and Balmoor mandals become child labour free for the year and the organization has been appreciated by district level officials. In continuation to the existing programmes the organization has initiated supplementary feeding practices for the infants and lactating mothers and also initiated sustainable agricultural development programmes by sensitizing the farmers on the ill effects of chemical fertilizers and promotion Non-Pesticide Management.

From Year 2005 onwards...

The organization has established itself as Non-Governmental organization working at the grassroots levels towards addressing their issues in a holistic approach especially focussing on Children and women. Since the year 2005 onwards CONARE has recognized by all the Stakeholder departments of the Government and has built good rapport which helped the organization in leveraging resources form the government to the community.<br><br> Simultaneously the organization has built a strong community network and had developed good hold of the community. Among the many significant programmes the organization has undertaken are the Child Labour Eradication programme through RBCs and advocacy initiatives, Natural Resource Management, Watershed Management, Panchyati Raj Development Programmes, sustainable rural livelihoods, Alternative Rural Livelihood programme for forest dependent communities, Educational support and child protection.<br><br> During the period the organization has also engaged in disasters and emergency situations and has rendered its services in rescue and rehabilitation. Environmentally friendly biodiversity approach has been applied in many rural development initiatives by the organization apart from this a greater significance has been given to the Children and their rights.

Work in the urban areas

Work in the urban areas

CONARE has not only established itself as in the rural areas but also had greater visibility and recognition at the urban areas too. In the year 2005 a group of 100 women with a small savings have been facilitated to form into a Mutually Aided Thrift and Credit Society named as “Chaitanya Vikas”. The organization has founded this society to address the issues of rural women especially from the Muslim minority communities and their children. Apart from this the organization is also engaged in skill development trainings, awareness drives, life skill and entrepreneurship development programmes for the young girls and women in urban slum areas of Hyderabad.